FITSY Rubber Coated Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates - 10Kg x 1 Pair - Green Color

Forget all your weight training hassles with FITSY's rubber encases Olympic weight plates!
  • These gym weight plates come with a 2-inch hole slot compatible with all Olympic barbell rod making easy loading and offloading of plates on the bar rod. Unlike standard plates, these weight plates are built-in with a rigid tri-grip, facilitating secure handling during workouts. The thick rubber encases on plates protect the cast iron from the weather and rust.
  • Known as the best home gym equipment, these rubber weight plates are not only limited to lifting but also super flexible to perform various strength boosting exercises to get stronger muscles. Incorporate weight plates in your routine home workouts with plank plate switch, pushups, shoulder raise, squats, side bends, overhead press, and much more!
  • FITSY’s Rubberized Olympic weight plates prevent both weight plates and the lifting platform from shattering, cracking, or breaking. Crafted to protect lifters, these weight plates are great for trouble-free powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts. Due to its long-lasting and harder wearing quality, FITSY iron plates are preferred as one of the main equipment in premium gym amenities.
  • These cost-effective weight plates are made from the highest-quality cast iron forming a remarkably well-built durable product with 1-2% weight tolerance. FITSY offers each rubber coated Olympic discs in the following sizes: 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 15 kg. You are currently viewing 10 Kg Weight Plate Pair.

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