FITSY Elastic Stretching Strap for Yoga with 8 loops - Blue Color

  • FITSY yoga strap comes with a strong elastic design, which gives it an elegant look and gives you a highly effective contract-relax stretch. Fitsy designs its stretch belts for exercise with high-quality nylon latex blend, which gives it a soft touch and ease of use.
  • Enhance your muscle recovery and improve your range of motion with our yoga strap for stretching, the yoga stretch bands help keep your body in shape during intensive workout sessions, thus reducing the risk of injuries.
  • The Yoga strap belt fits effectively in your hands and around your feet and thus giving support for a more comfortable static stretch.
  • The stretching band is versatile and thus can be used for yoga, dancing, pilates, for warm-ups before the workout, and even for stretching post-workout. Massage your muscles after the workout and finish the workout with an amazing and safe assisted stretch. 
  • Yoga straps and blocks are especially helpful in physical therapy treatments and recovery from injuries. It can also be beneficial for dancers and athletes as well as it can be used for daily exercises, ballet, gym, pre, and post-workout stretching, and many more.
  • Package Contains: 1 Yoga Stretch Band. Size – 38 inches.

Rs. 699 Rs. 299