FITSY Leg Strength Resistance Band - Red - 30LB

  • FITSY leg strengthening resistance bands are used by athletes, therapists, coaches & trainers, and other health-oriented people as our resistance workout bands offer perfect speed and strengthening in different kinds of training.
  • These athletic resistance bands are suitable for both men and women. You can use them for general physical exercise as well as some intense exercises like Taekwondo, Football, Karate or running since these workout bands build your leg muscles, hip muscles as well as core muscles.
  • The resistance bands avail you to work on various legs and butt exercises, especially in short burst sprints and dynamic agility drills, thus improving your endurance, mobility, and speed.
  • FITSY resistance bands for legs workout are manufactured from 100% eco-friendly natural latex coupled with heavy-duty clips, thus making it a safe and durable accessory to have in your workout routine.
  • The high-quality latex also allows these athletic resistance bands to support repetitive high strength stretching during your legs exercise.
  • The resistance workout bands are available in 3 variants: Green (15LB), Red (30LB), and Orange (40LB). Please refer to the image chart to select your desired band.

Rs. 899 Rs. 449

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