FITSY Suspension Trainer Kit for Resistance Fitness Training

  • Burns Muscle, Burns Fat, Increases Endurance & Improves Flexibility. No matter the goal, FITSY Suspension Training will push you to the limits and encourage results.
  • Special new design Suspension Training Kit comes with multiple anchoring solutions for a variety of total body exercises. 1) anchoring strap directly, 2) anchoring with the extension strap, 3) door anchoring using each strap individually, 4) anchoring using door anchor, 5) anchoring on the wall mount bracket. Can be quickly anchored using doorways, bars, pull up bars, rafters, beams, poles, hooks, outdoor park structures, tree limbs.
  • Bodyweight Suspension Training has been proven to increase muscular activation, reduce injury risk and accelerate results. Using only your body weight and gravity, bodyweight training allows you to workout anywhere, anytime and advance at your own pace.
  • Bodyweight Resistance Trainer is a hanging training system that helps you perform over 300 exercises. ADJUSTABLE LENGTH allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty by changing your body's position.
  • Exercise training straps can be easily added in the drawstring bag included and becomes an ideal equipment for travel.

Rs. 4999 Rs. 3499

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