FITSY Acupressure Foot Roller Massager - Green

  • Reduce muscle aches, soreness, tightness by loosen tough knots & increase mobility in your feet with FITSY’s foot roller acupressure massager. Treat plantar fasciitis or massage tired achy feet with FITSY’s acupressure rolling massager.
  • The acupressure massager feet roller is easy to use and you can give yourself a feet massage anytime and anywhere just by simply rolling it on your feet and relieve pain, muscle spasms, and post-workout muscle pressures.
  • The construction of the acupressure roller is ergonomically contoured which provides full contact with the sole of the foot thus providing a full-relief massage to your feet. The strategically mounted acupressure points stimulate the nerves of your feet and eliminate muscle fatigue while also increasing blood circulation which relaxes muscles and lets you have a good sleep.
  • The massage roller is finished with rubber bumps on the wheel to prevent slipping. FITSY’s foot massage roller is constructed from safe, non-toxic TPR and PVC hence there is no chemical smell. It is lightweight, compact, and easily washable.
  • This deep tissue massage roller is ideal for a foot massage but can also be used for wrists, hands, shoulders, neck, and even legs massage. Its lightweight and compact built makes it easily commutable, you can use it in your car, office, or home.
  • Use it as a reflexology or acupressure tool for feet, massage roller for legs, massage roller for feet, hand massage roller, plantar fasciitis, reduce muscle aches, soreness and tightness. 
  • Package contains 1 FITSY Hand Foot Roller Massager.

Rs. 799 Rs. 499