FITSY Hard Massage Ball - Lacrosse Ball Deep Tissue Muscle Roller Ball - Orange

  • Relieve your pain and aches with FITSY’s hard massage ball by targeting the hardest body tissue in your neck, jaw, shoulder, hips, forearms, back, legs, glutes, hands, knees, and feet.
  • Treat your plantar fasciitis, relieve sore muscles, improve the blood circulation of your body, and free yourself from the myofascial pain with FITSY’s physioball.
  • Use the massage ball to rejuvenate your muscles after a long and tiring day at work. Just lay on the ball and use your own body weight to roll on the ball, enabling a deep tissue massage for your shoulders, neck, and back.
  • Since it works on all your body parts, you can use it as massage ball for back, deep tissue ball, trigger ball, massage ball for foot, yoga massage ball, foot massage ball, lacrosse ball for trigger points, etc.    
  • Use the FITSY lacrosse ball as your pre and post-workout tool during Pilates, Yoga, Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf, Cross fit, or Gym, as it works best for any fitness enthusiast. The 360° spherical design of this massage ball eases the muscles by simply rolling over it.
  • Roll away those deep muscle knots in the heel, arch & soles of your feet and feel light as a feather as this myofascial release ball releases stress & tension, restore vitality through penetration of both light & deep muscle tissue.
  • Cut the costs of professional physiotherapy massage and become your own personal massage therapist with FITSY’s deep tissue massage ball. Customise your massage by simply targeting the muscles you want to relieve.
  • FITSY muscle roller ball for massage light small design allows you to carry it anywhere. Package includes 1 Deep Tissue Massage Ball.

Rs. 499 Rs. 279