FITSY® Barbell Squat Pad suitable for Standard and Olympic Bar with 2 Straps - Black Color

FITSY thick barebell squat pad with Straps is uniquely designed to protect your shoulders and Collars and benefit you with massive comfort while working with heavy loads, keeping the weight evenly distributed.
  • Incorporating this barebell pad for squats produces outstanding results with high-quality reps reducing pain on the back.
  • This squats bar pad has breathable high-density rubber foam at the center protecting your skin without being hard, thus making it the best barbell neck pad. Further, it resists spinning and rolling during squats, keeping the bar steady to prevent you from injuries.
  • FITSY squat pad with Straps comes with an anti-slip matte finish for comfortable handling and protecting you from excess weight, especially during squats and hip thrusts. This absolute best and versatile thick padding is a safer option for intense squat evolution.
  • The flexible and compact design makes it a suitable fit for all standard and Olympic weightlifting bars. Being light weight, this squat pad with Straps is trouble-free to carry around and also easily fits in gym bags.

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