FITSY® Weight Lifting Gym Belt, Leather, Brown Color - Small Size

  • FITSY weightlifting belt provides you enough mobility to perform various exercises with ease without the fear of injuring your back or waist. You can perform clean and jerks, power cleans squats, and even deadlifts using this leather-built weightlifting belt.
  • The weightlifting belt encourages your body to maintain its posture during heavy weightlifting and prevents any muscle or joint injury, maximizing your exercise results. This bulky gym leather belt is soft, flexible, and more comfortable to wear.
  • Maintaining your posture during squats and weightlifting is extremely significant otherwise it might lead to severe back injuries or muscle tear, Fitsy’s weightlifting gym belt helps you maintain your form while performing these intense exercises.
  • The leather weightlifting belt can be used by both men and women to sustain balance and stability throughout their sets.
  • The powerlifting belt is made out of leather comes with heavy-duty adjustable belt latch which won’t slip or ride while you perform your deadlifts, power lifts, or squats.
  • Package Contents 1 Weight Lifting Belt. Length 110 cm.

Rs. 1099 Rs. 649