FITSY Finger Strengthener Exerciser & Hand Gripper Ring - Green

  • FITSY finger strengthener exerciser and hand gripper ring are manufactured from anti-scratch, safe, and strong rubber material that provides best finger and hand workout for athlete musicians and stress reliefs.
  • The squeezer gripper comes in three different colors- red, green, and yellow for easy identifications. Each color denotes a different resistance level!
  • The finger strengthener is lightweight and easy-to-use which allows you to easily carry it in your hand wherever you go. You can perform hand muscles strengthening grip exercises when you travel or even while you are driving.
  • The resistance of the hand gripper ring makes it great equipment to develop your hand strength especially if you are rehabilitating from an injury or having physical therapy.
  • The groove shape on the surface of the hand muscle strengthener gives you a good grip without readjusting the squeezer gripper.
  • FITSY finger strengthener exerciser and hand gripper ring are aesthetically designed squeezer gripper made from high-quality rubber, it doesn’t make any squeaking noise even under immense pressure and thus can be utilized even in an office setting.
  • Package contains 1 hand grip ring- red with an estimated strength of up to 50 Lb

Rs. 899 Rs. 399